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Princess Luna :iconclara-01:clara-01 7 2
Welcome. I am an android and my name is Hiranyakashipuavalokiteshvara. You cannot sadly call me by any other name or nickname, because my entire software programming and command prompts are based entirely on the entry "Hiranyakashipuavalokiteshvara". So you must memorize and train to say my name right, otherwise I will not be able to answer you or even give you any attention at all.
Due to a random meeting with two siblings who claimed to be from another parallel universe and whom I have only met for 30 minutes, I have been convinced to tell my life story to all of the universe; so here it follows.
I am, as I have said, an android. I have been created by Satan Inc. to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. To do so, they had decided that I should be a monsterous-looking creature; my eyes were constantly lit up by a small fire in the eye sockets, which was very annoying, and often caused me trouble with my vision, such as bumping everywhere, stepping on the King's feet, breaking prec
:iconclara-01:clara-01 1 12
The Flowing Rivers

 - First Question: Is There One Right Spirituality?

The answer is a categorical no. Never. Spirituality is the path that each specific individual decide to embark upon to discover the ultimate wish of humanity: Truth and Enlightenment, in all its aspects. The paths taken by each individuals may seem bizarre to some or make complete sense to others. Catholism's strict ethical code; Hard Science's strict adherence to facts and nothing else; Buddhism's adherence to self-discovery.
Each path is fashioned to the desired ideals of each individual; and that path gives that individual the much-needed sense of peace and order missing in that individual's life. Without such path, any path at all, there is a considerable lack of purpose, or lack of "looking forward to things". In short, since all paths leads to the individuals' personal happiness, there is not one righteous spiritual belief. All are right, in regard to the individual.
Some, including me, may argue that
:iconclara-01:clara-01 1 4
Rarity Gala :iconclara-01:clara-01 7 15 Pinkie Pie :iconclara-01:clara-01 5 2 Applejack :iconclara-01:clara-01 3 2 Twilight Sparkle :iconclara-01:clara-01 4 4 Rarity :iconclara-01:clara-01 5 15 Rainbow Dash :iconclara-01:clara-01 3 4 Fluttershy :iconclara-01:clara-01 3 2
The Hunter And The Rusalka
Ripples of water shimmered silently across the river, unobserved by strangers; except a tall menacing woman, accompanied by a black cat. She smiled victoriously, malice twinkling in her dark eyes, and she blew softly a kiss to the fading ripples. She turned on her heels, and walking away back into the forest bordering the river, she picked up her cat, and whispered to it:
"Time to tell my lover, with deep regret," she chuckled upon saying these words, "that his dear fiancée will not be available any longer."
As she left deep within the woods, only the night sky and the water were witness of the sinking figure gently carried away by the river's currents.
After many weeks, the figure, once a beautiful young maiden, fell to the abyss of the ocean. Soon, glitter of gold and silver seemed to shine from below as the maiden's body continued to descend into the dark water; finally, she was surrounded by several female figures, their long gold hair floating freely, their green eyes luminou
:iconclara-01:clara-01 2 10
The Shadow Paradigm Doomsday - Chapter 21
"Listen to my voice, Abraham," Daniel said, his voice soft and smooth. "Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Let your mind be blank of any distracting thoughts or worries. You must find a detail, deep within your mind, that does not match the life you know. For this, you must not force it. Think slowly and calmly, relive each moments you know. Find a detail that does not correspond. A face that you never met, a smell you are not familiar with, a music you never heard here. Do not rush this process. Let it come to you, whenever it comes."
Abraham tried to relax as much as he could. After a few moments, his thoughts would always divert back to the accusations, to his mystery. Everytime Daniel would see a facial expression betraying Abraham's distracted thoughts, he would calmly bring him back to think only about the missing details.
About half an hour passed, and Daniel received inside his brain a call from Randall. The group had all transmitters and receivers implants inside their brain, to
:iconclara-01:clara-01 0 0
The Shadow Paradigm Doomsday - Chapter 20
Abraham slowly opened his eyes, staring right at a rich wooden roof. He blinked several times, trying to reconnect with the world around him, the nervous sensations returning to his limbs. He felt like he just came out of a really deep sleep. When his senses returned, he realized he was lying back in a comfortable leather couch, big enough to accommodate his length. He rose to a seated position, and as he scanned the cozy room, his eyes fell upon a wooden desk, behind which Daniel Fitzgerald was staring at him, with his usual impassible stance, straight in his chair. Abraham looked around him, but he was alone with Daniel; the room, although matching in style the luxurious offices of the Capitoline, was pretty much bare except the said leather couch, the wooden desk, and one library filling one side of the walls.
"Are you well, Mr. Solomon?" Daniel asked, his monotone voice brightened only by his perfect British accent.
"Yes... I think," Abraham answered, slightly confused as to recent
:iconclara-01:clara-01 2 2
The Shadow Of A Man


August 7, 1099 A.D.

The sun was setting behind the glowing Dome of the Rock, its dusky orange light combined with the intense gleam of the gold tiles suffusing the monument's entranceway. An old, cracked wooden table sat in that light, making it the perfect place for reading maps (like the one laying on the said table, showing the Near East territories) and letters such as the one it now held. The seal holding the letter shut had already been broken open, which only its intended recipient would dare to do, considering it was the seal of the greatest power on Earth: the Roman Catholic Church. The man to whom it was addressed was still smiling broadly, almost giggling to himself as he read once again the Decree contained on the parchment; even after a hundred readings, it still made him feel giddy.
"By the power vested in us by our Saviour, we give to the Duke Godefroi de Bouillon possession and control over the kingdom of Je
:iconclara-01:clara-01 0 14
Towers Of Ice And Sand :iconclara-01:clara-01 5 14
The Madness Mystery
"See you tomorrow, Sylvia," Liz told her job partner, amused as the latter put on her coat; Sylvia's cheery excitement was contagious. “Did you choose your gift yet?”
“Its in my car, I got it this morning,” Sylvia replied, checking that her bag contained its usual mess.
“You think Ian will like it?”
“I'm sure he will; he's head over heels about the story of Frodo.”
"Me, its with Aragorn that I'm head over heels," Liz replied, and Sylvia chuckled at its hidden meaning.
"I have to go now!" Sylvia kissed quickly the cheek of her friend, and left the shop.
Once in her car, she checked in the back seat if the gift for her son was still there. A brown bag with an ornate sword handle sticking out of one end welcomed her worried glance. She sighed with relief as she started the engine; today was the 9th birthday of her son, and it was commonly known that the need for a hero was predominant around this age. So she knew that for Ian, owning a repli
:iconclara-01:clara-01 5 11


Fire Cat :iconmick2006:Mick2006 9 4 Diamonds :iconxxsittingbullxx:xXSittingBullXx 8 4 UF Chain Pong 605 :icongerda1946:Gerda1946 37 43
April Publishing Opportunities
Are you ready to take the next step? We know you're serious about writing and we are too. For our brave writers who are looking to get their start in the world of professional publishing, we will be gathering up a list with a handful of publications that are accepting submissions each month.
There are countless literary journals and anthologies accepting submissions out there, but a good number of them charge a reading fee. However, since a good many of us are early in our writing careers and often do not have the funds for paying submission fees, we will only list publications that do not charge a reading fee.
We list the name of the journal, the submission deadline, what type of literature they're looking for, and if they are a paying market or not. We encourage going to each website individually to read submission guidelines.
:bulletblue: Publishing Opportunities :bulletblue:
Name of journal: Cicada Magazine
Deadline: April 27th
Media: Fiction, poetry
Market: Paying
Website: https:/
:iconwriters--club:Writers--club 8 6
I am feeling like seeing our members version of "Why I love Spring!" It is such a wonderful time of year! 1st Place will win 300 points, 2nd Place will win 200 points and 3rd Place will win 100 points.
Your entry can be of anything that makes you thing of Spring in any medium! Please make sure you add to your description it is for the May art Challenge!
Good Luck to all!!!
:iconsharpenededge:SharpenedEdge 8 0
Rise Of The King!
Hi guys, sorry for the lack of update on here, been really busy with life and surviving as freelancer T_T, but i just want to share you a (still in development) project i have been working with for the past months, and i believe these guys have potential, they’re crazy talented and need your support! It’s a small Indie company (Christian-based developer), and i’m honoured to be in this group. We’ve just launched our Kickstarter and i hope this project gets funded cos the quality they’ve made is breathtaking considering we’re just a small team. I think this deserve to be made… Can’t wait to show you some artworks i’ve done for this and will be making in the future. Hope you dig! I appreciate the help!
Click the link below: 
Rise Of The King
:iconninjatic:Ninjatic 3 9
Sidecut readhead :iconsunnyschaefchen:SunnySchaefchen 14 17 Together we gather a garland of stars :iconthedewdropfairy:TheDewdropFairy 119 44 Rowena before and after :iconsarucatepes:sarucatepes 293 23 Yew Urn :iconlimbothelost:LimboTheLost 20 7
Secret Worlds
:iconnrcart:nrcArt 1 2
Rider :icontimmi-o-tool:timmi-o-tool 1,045 19 Perfection :iconnati11184:nati11184 7 3 Witcher 3 - Fan Art :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 1,651 40
Contest Promotions: HELP NEEDED!
Hi there folks! Scribe here to promote some contests that are in need of assistance~
"Hi there,
This is MagicalJoey here with some contest news.
Firstly, thank you so much for all the promotion, prizes, judges and things you have participated in obtaining for me for previous contests. It is greatly appreciated. Now, I come to you hat in hand with not one but TWO contests needing various things. I'll list them one by one.
1) Ordinary-Writing 's Creative Contest
- Design a new group logo for this group -
I need:
:bulletyellow: Participation/Entrants
:bulletyellow: Promotion amongst your group/s and watchers (Personal and Group journals mentioning the contest and linking back to the original, which I will link soon, or to me for more information)
:bulletyellow: Judges to help me judge the entries. As this is a creative contest, and not a literary one, please only judges who think themselves capable of judging something creative.
The Link:

2) My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink 's
:iconunseen-writers:Unseen-Writers 2 2
Half A Century Contest

The votes are in and the evaluation is concluded: Combined Tallies of poll votes, note votes and my heart votes. Detailed results you will find here:

I will put in/add the names of the corresponding winners below and afterwards will contact the donators to hand out prizes. I will start with the giving out prizes tomorrow. Later on, this contest feature will be replaced by a winners feature :)
First, participants will vote themselves. Every participant has the right to vote in each process state. After closing of the contest, every participant can hand me in her/his 1-3 best via note within three days. At the same time there will be open polls on my page (only participants may vote) for each "Topic" for every 3 days. Always the 2 or 3 best will be kept aside. Later on, under consideration
:iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 20 177



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Hello ladies and gentlemen, fillies and gentlecolts (you'll see later why I used these last two words).

Accounts & Promotions

First off, I have now a Twitter account:
where I post not only announcements of my art, but also promote the art of many artists from DA. 

I also created a Wattpad account here:…;
where I have posted, and will continue to post my stories.

If you like my work, it will mean alot to me if you would support me there. And on Wattpad, artwork is judged and promoted by the number of stars that it has; so again, if you like my work, it would mean alot if you could star a stor(ies) of your choice there. :heart:

I also have a website: Elysian Mark
where PDF versions of my stories, and high-definition versions of my pictures, will soon be available freely for download, under Creative Commons copyright. I'll keep you posted both here and on Twitter when this will be available. 

Also, I will post inteviews and promotions for any artist whose art represent the idea behind Elysian Mark. If you agree with the Elysian Mark belief, and wish to be promoted, or if you believe an artist here should deserve promotion, please reply hee or send me a Note. I'll be glad to consider your request. :heart:

Speaking of promotions, I wish to direct your attention to these two very talented artists, :iconcharcoalfeather:  and :iconcalmality:

:iconcharcoalfeather: is a drawer and author of a very thought-provoking, mildly politic, and sweet graphic novel about a simple family trying to get through hard life. You can find the entire stories here and in her Tumblr account (more details in her Gallery):…
I have myself not completely finished it, but from what I have read, it is a simple amazing story.

:iconcalmality: is an illustrator and writer, and she has published three beautiful children books with acclaimed reviews. You can visit her website here:
Her first two books are available here:

Bubba Heard A Mouse:…

Penelope's Pizza:…  &…

And her newly released third book, The Boy Who Answered, can be found at her website, and if you are one of the first hundred buyers, you will receive a first-edition version of her book. See her Journal for more details:

New Books!After waiting years to announce this, I'm proud to say the first children’s book I ever worked on is finally published. I started The Boy Who Answered in 2011 when I was just a sophomore in college and even though I’ve grown a lot as an artist since this project was completed, I am still immensely proud of it. It’s a story of a young boy on a journey away from home who learns to push, give, and answer whenever it is asked of him. I can’t wait to share this beautiful, philosophical fable- written by the incredibly talented Hamilton Chu- with everyone who has been so supportive of my career thus far!
I have 100 first-edition copies available. They are jacket-wrapped, canvas hardcover at $23 each, shipping included (U.S). Please message me here or on my Website if you’re interested!
In addition, the book that I worked on over this past

And don't forget to take a look at my good friend :iconaura-dawn: first children book, Don't Step On A Yellow Oak Leaf, available at Amazon:…

Its a wonderful moral story, with incredible 3D illustrations that not only the children, but also the parents will be marveled by.


The Arkesyyan Chronicles - Short Story Compilation

I'm very soon ready to publish my first book, which will be a short story collection comprising these following stories:

The Arkesyyan Chronicles refers to my fictional historical chronicle that encompass all the major events and worlds relating to the fictional world of my novel series The Shadow Paradigm. So it will be sort of an interlude before my novel's timeline.
Since English is not my native language though, I would need some help with the grammar checking and editing of the short stories mentioned above; so I would greatly appreciate if any of you would have free time and be willing to help me out. :heart:

The Shadow Paradigm - Doomsday

The famous novel that I keep talking about. :)  Well, I am proud to say that you can already start to read the first 22 chapters starting from here:

The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Prelude


August 7, 1099 A.D.

The sun was setting behind the glowing Dome of the Rock, its dusky orange light combined with the intense gleam of the gold tiles suffusing the monument's entranceway. An old, cracked wooden table sat in that light, making it the perfect place for reading maps (like the one laying on the said table, showing the Near East territories) and letters such as the one it now held. The seal holding the letter shut had already been broken open, which only its intended recipient would dare to do, considering it was the seal of the greatest power on Earth: the Roman Catholic Church. The man to whom it was addressed was still smiling broadly, almost giggling to himself as he read once again the Decree contained on the parchment; even after an hundred readings, it still made him feel giddy.
"By the power vested in us

Complete list:…

I am really looking forward to your thoughts about my novel, for its a 10 year old work in progress, and I would really like to know how you guys like it. :)

Finally… Drawing!

So, about a week ago, I became tired of seeing so many amazing animes, and seeing that its something I could definitively do in the future... and not knowing how to draw. The daunting prospect of going through all the training was terrifying for a newbie like me, so I started thinking. My drawing goals is not to draw realistically... at least, not for the near future. I don't want to do portraits or realist work. I just want to be good enough at drawing to draw the relatively simple-looking anime characters in Last Exile, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, etc. And... it hit me. I could actually start by trying to draw a scene, or a character. I would need to start simple, of course, but as I draw harder and more complex characters and details, I will learn all the necessities such as proportions, details, etc. And I do mean drawing from a scene, trying to copy eyes-to-hand a scene to paper, not just cheating and calquing a paper on top of a screen and copy directly the lines. Beside, I wouldn't have been able, the image of my tablet can't pass through a simple Letter paper.

So, all I needed was to find a simple enough yet relatively challenging template to start my learning. I needed something simpler than human beings, but more complex than objects. 
And... I'm unfortunately a relative fan of My Little Pony. I'm afraid the fault lies in the stubborness of my brother to watch it, and in the presence of the actor of our favourite Star Trek character, Q's John de Lancie. 
But, such an unfortunate liking of the show resulted in my finding an absolutely perfect template to start drawing. The ponies are simple to draw by themselves, but proportions can be tricky to get right, so its a perfect learning tool to proportions. And as if it wasn't enough, Ponyville's fashion designer Rarity has fabulous clothings for her friends, and such delicate yet complex clothings gives me the perfect template for learning to draw details.
And the style is not unlike anime, so I'm basically learning to draw everything that I'll need to become an anime artist in the future. :D
And after I'm done with ponies and zebra and dragon... and Discord... I am moving to try and draw Last Exile characters and style… most probably Dio Eraclea and Captain Alex Rowe as my first tests. ;) 

So, all in all, without further ado, I would like to proudly, yet nervously, present to you my very first seven drawings from My Little Pony (in order of creation), all done in the last week (about two per days, in some days); I am quite aware they are not perfect, and you can click on them to see in their descriptions what I found wrong or flawed, but I really enjoyed drawing them and I am proud of certain things, so I hope you agree so too. As for you many awesome guys who have already seen them, thank you for your kindness and generousity, and most of all your support.

 Fluttershy by clara-01  Rainbow Dash by clara-01  
 Rarity by clara-01  Twilight Sparkle by clara-01  
 Applejack by clara-01  Pinkie Pie by clara-01

        Rarity Gala by clara-01

And that is about everything I needed to say for the beginning of 2017. I'm looking forward to yet another great year here on DA, getting better at literature, perhaps finally finishing my novel and finally publishing my first book, finally putting my hooves down at drawing, and most of all, spending time with all my friends and getting to know new ones.

Have a great day, you'all!!

:heart:  :heart:
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Hello friends and watchers. I know I have been completely offline for about a whole month, and I'm sorry, but my holiday didn't let me have one single instant on the Internet to do properly anything... :( :(

Anyho, I am now officially back, and later today or tomorrow I'll write another Journal to promote some things, both mine and others, as well as start posting new stuff that I was working on during the holiday.

:iconsteve-c2:, :icondhheiii:, :iconcurvy-tribal:, :iconaura-dawn: and :iconstarfall-glow:, I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to all of you, I just never got a chance to. Not to mention that last week, when I did succeeded to copy your messages offline and reply to them offline in my tablet, the said idiotic tablet deleted for some idiotic reason my text file, and I lost all replies, yours and mine... :( :(
So, I should be able to reply later this day, or tomorrow. :)

See you guys later!


clara-01's Profile Picture
Samantha Silver SkieSwanne
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a Canadian writer on the verge of publishing an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and a trilogy sci-fi novel.

These stories and books will be free, open-source, and free of all copyright. The only thing I ask is that you credit me if you do share and copy my works, and that no modifications is done to the stories.

A big fan of Tolkien, Asimov, and Doctor Who, I try to make my stories as hopeful and light as possible, with always a spot of light shining through the growing darkness. I believe the world needs to hope again, and I hope I can help spread those naive and foolish hopes and dreams of mine.

Beside being a writer, I am also slowly learning photo-manipulation.

Now on Twitter! Follow me for news and update:…

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I am an open-source writer, so as you know, I request nothing for my work; but you are welcomed to donate.
Your donations will not be for me, but to benefit DA members in many ways: to donate to groups when they require donations; to donate to artists when they make wonderful art; to pay for stocks; to pay for commissions; and to donate to those that I come across and require some donations.

Thank you. :)

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